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Fund Public Education

The Oklahoma Legislature has consistently under-funded our public schools and even took money out of public education to send to exclusive private schools in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Allison knows that our public schools are the backbone of our community and will work to provide more resources for the classroom, adequately pay our teachers and support staff, and keep divisive politics out of our schools.

Invest in Healthcare

Access to affordable and adequate healthcare continues to be a challenge for Oklahomans in Southwest Oklahoma. That’s why Allison wants to work with legislators from both parties to find innovative solutions to provide our families with the best healthcare possible. She believes that healthcare decisions are best kept between families and their doctors and will keep the government out of those decisions.

Work With Leaders from Both Parties

Divisive politics plague our government at all levels and keep our state from becoming the best it can be. Allison wants to work with leaders from both parties to find solutions to Oklahoma’s most difficult challenges.

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